Frequently Asked Questions | Accu-Pak and Transportation

When our clients need custom packaging they often have questions. Below are just a few of our most frequently asked questions. Call today for a free estimate and we can answer your questions directly.

I have bought/sold a larger item online. What will it cost for shipping?

I would need the zip code it is being shipped from, or to, the approximate weight, and a brief description of the item. It is always best to give me a call first, to get an estimate on the packaging and shipping prior to the transaction.

Our Company has been awarded a contract for items that call for, MIL-STD 2073 packaging. What is required?

Your purchase order should contain a list of codes that designate the various levels of packaging. For example- wrapping material, cushioning and dunnage, unit containers, preservation, and markings, will have a standard to follow. I will go over the codes for you and let you know what is required, and the cost per unit.

I am having trouble finding a specific size box that I need. Can you help?

No problem. We can make up custom boxes any size. Just let me know the inside dimensions (L x W x H) that you are looking for. There are no minimum quantity, and I can usually get it to you the same day.