Custom Crate and Packaging Services

Custom packaging for your valuable, fragile, heavy,and unique items.

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Custom Wood Crates & Corrugated Boxes

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Custom Crate and Packaging Services

Wooden Crates

We can build off of your drawings, or design a custom crate for your specific needs. The most common being a 601 style crate. All of our wood packaging is stamped “Bug Free” for export, and compliant with ISPM 15 regulations.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our professional crate designers. We'll be happy to discuss designing a crate that fits your unique needs. If you need on-site services, one of our specialists will set up an appointment to come out to your job site.

Corrugated Boxes

As with wooden cratres, cardboard boxes come in a wide variety of styles and strengths. Here are a few examples:

RSC –Regular Slotted Container:

This type of container is probably the most common style used. The flaps of the container meet in the center and can be closed by taping, gluing or stapling. To protect the contents, the bursting test can be calibrated for the size and weight of the contents.

Custom Packaging for Sensitive Equipment and Machinery

FPF – Five Panel Folder:

This container is scored and slotted with a fifth panel for the closing flap at the packing line. Typically, this box is used for shipping longer, flat products. FOL Flaps offer excellent puncture resistance and added strength for stacking when laid flat.

FOL – Full-Overlap Slotted Container:

This container is best for heavy objects and rough handling. It is a slotted box with flaps that reach the other side of the length panels, strengthening the flap area. Stacking, the flaps provide superior strength when laying flat on the largest panel.


As important as the outer container is to the safe delivery of your shipment, the inner bracing, and cushioning is just as crucial. Polyethalene and polyurethane are the most popular types of foam used. Die-cut end caps, corners, strips or fully lined are some options. Also, different densities are available depending on the weight of the contents.

Foam Packaging Inserts


We also offer a wide range of domestic and international transportation services including:

UPS and Fed Ex

LTL, and Full Truckload

Air and Ocean

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